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#QuoteOfTheDay "Start by starting..."Like these young girls, get off to a good start!I am delighted to be doing marketing and communication consulting with the @emerancemedia new fashion and beauty-oriented medium for cosmopolitan women founded by Emerance Mundingayi. Check them out! More info on what my team and i can do for you or your business? Marketing & Comm, Events & RP, Media...Just "say" mbote@pandanzyla.com
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#BusinessSummit Just Follow Me Magazine partenaire Media de la 2ième Edition du TROPICS BUSINESS SUMMIT Du 16 au 21 octobre à Johannesbourg, initié par le Tropics Media Group en partenariat avec le groupe CREB MULTIMEDIA , le TROPICS BUSINESS SUMMIT , organisé chaque année en octobre, a pour objectif de rassembler plus de 200 dirigeants mondiaux, jeunes innovateurs, personnalités politiques et décideurs économiques, afin d'encourager l'audace , l'ambition et leadership. www.tropicsbusinesssummit.com

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  • #WelcometoAfrica is one of the major#tourismcommunity communication events in Belgium that will showcase a wide variety of the best African tourism products and services, as well as businesses and the media. #WelcomeToAfrica is organized by Roots Events Network #FEELFREETOJOINUS @info@roots-events.com